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Ring Base Bolted Bolted Celtic Celtic Eagle Eagle Industrial Signet Signet
Ring Head Bandit Bandit Bear Bear Beelzebub Beelzebub Flaming Flaming Grimreaper Grim Reaper Hipster Hispter Hipsterglasses Glasses Hispter Hipstermad Hog Hog Howl Howl Howl Full Moon Howl Half Moon Lion Lion Lionprofile Pilot Pilot Respirator Respirator Skull Skull Skull2 Skull3 Skull4 Skull5 Wolf Wolf
Ring Background Clean Clean Metal Metal Mud Rustic Rustic Vein Wave Wave
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Our rings

Come choose your ring

Here at Rustic Motors, you’ll be able to design your own ring and compose the “look” that represents you perfectly out of the offered models and styles. How is it done?

Brotherhood of the ring

These are the ring shanks to choose from:

Bolted ring (image) – defined by the tough presence, the design is based on clear lines

Signet ring (image) – powerful ring, delivering a sense of noble heritage, just as suggested by the name

Celtic ring (image) – unique design, corresponding with history and ancient, dark myths

Eagle ring (image) – defined by bestial, wild look


So, you’ve chosen the shank of your ring? Now it’s time to choose its top. The options you can choose from are:

Skull (image) – for those who prefer the tough look

Demon (image) – for those who are seeking connection with the dark side

Lion (image) – for those who inspired by nature’s force

Hog (image) – for those who want to drive and wear their HOG at all times

Fire (image) – for those who burn the road

You can choose the background of your ring as well, according to you favorite styling. You have the following options:


Flat (image) – serene background, emphasizing the top that is the main subject

Hammered (image) – providing vivacity and presence

Rustic (image) – intensifying the roughness and the nerve

Wrinkled (image) – adding character and temperament


And if you feel like it, you can get wild with it and create your own unique ring. We’ll be happy to be challenged with the logo of your club, a symbol that is close to your heart, or with a pattern that makes your engine light up. We’ll make sure to transform it from 2D picture into an embossed 3D creation that will shine on your finger.

You’re special, not like everybody else.

So are we.

That’s why we urge you to challenge us and design your own small (or big) dream.


Here, at our Rustic Motors studio, you’ll find rings that suit your style perfectly, or create your one and only, to be cherished and serve as a personal signature and statement. For instance, you can imprint the logo of the bikers club you’re a member of, the logo of the unit in which you drive, your pet or your significant other’s face. Long story short, customization is the game.

Our life is three-dimensional and we’re up to any challenge to make every symbol, sketch, idea or two-dimensional image into a unique-looking ring. So, come on over, bring it on!


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Ring Base

Bolted, Celtic, Eagle, Industrial, Signet

Ring Background

Clean, Metal, Mud, Rustic, Vein, Wave

Ring Head

Bandit, Bear, Beelzebub, Flaming, Grimreaper, Hipster, Hipsterglasses, Hipstermad, Hog, Howl, Howl Full Moon, Howl Half Moon, Lion, Lionprofile, Pilot, Respirator, Skull, Skull2, Skull3, Skull4, Skull5, Wolf

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