Who are we?


Rustic Motors studio specializes in designing 3D jewelry, offering a unique and outstanding line of luxurious rings made of silver and other precious metals in a variety of styles that are appealing to bikers.

With us, you’ll have the access to various experts specializing in the following: graphic design, 3D printer technicians, goldsmiths and molders who ride, live and breathe their lifestyle and the biking lifestyle.

We draw our inspiration from you, the bikeing community, men and women who were born to be wild. We are inspired by your unique character, style. We love the way bikers communicate and the friendships you nurture. We know you – simply because we ourselves are part of this magnificent tribe.

We understand the need of the “gangs” to create their own line of jewelry, suitable for both men and women. It comes as a continuation of the interaction and communal feeling created between the rider and the bikers group, that usually acts as a tribe.

The Rustic Motors jewelry was designed in order to create personal signature and statement for each and every one, that’s why all of our jewelry is being created based on a custom design chosen by you.


Personal and unique 3D design

The uniqueness of the brand is related to the fact that our products are being created personally by the owners and per the client’s request. Self-creation is very typical of the bikers’ world and of those who live to create something out of nothing.

We’ll upload DIY videos related to the biking world.

Of course, in this section we’ll also occasionally upload pictures presenting the process of rings creation

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